Here is a plan of La Pallice, the red line is the roads we drove on and the yellow line where we walked. We started in the north at the bunker overlooking the sea.

There are many bunkers still around.1 x R613.
7 x R621.
2 x R622.
1 x R625.
2 x R626.
4 x R633.
1 x R664.
2 x R668.
2 x 3.7cm KwK144(f)
3 x 7.5cm Pak40.
1 x 4.7cm Pak36(t).
10 x U-Boat Pens.
1 x Protected Lock Gate.
6 x 8.8cm AA guns.

La Pallice 'Mitte' U-Boat Pen

La Pallice 'Mitte' U-Boat Pen

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24 November 2007

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