Dieppe is a fishing port and major town in the area. As you take the new road out of the ferry port through a cutting, two AA bunkers are sited there, this is Die02.
1 x M272 gun casemate.
6 x L401 88cmFlak.
3 x L407 ammunition.
1 x L411a searchlight.
1 x H608 HQ.
2 x H612 field gun.
3 x Vf2a personnel.
2 x fire control.
2 x 7.5cm F Canon.
6 x 8.8cm Flak.
2 x 2cm Flak.
1 x Sk observation bunker with a 90P9 cupola & more smaller bunkers, trenches & emplacements.

Die02 Falais amont Dieppe Wn Die02
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13 March 2012

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