Dieppe is a fishing port and major town in the area. Die06 Chateau de Dieppe is situated on the west side of the town on the cliff edge for the Stab II./Gren.Rgt.935 & Stab H.K.A.R1252 artillery.
1 x R134 ammunition.
1 x R608 Bat/Reg. HQ.
1 x H636a FCP.
1 x Vf2a group shelter.
3 x Vf observation posts.
1 x R668 six man shelter.
2 x Vf58c Tobruk's.
1 x Sk Skoda gun casemate.
2 x Sk/Schartenstand for 7.5cm F.K.231(f).
1 x casemate for 7.5cmF.K.16.
Tunnels & more small bunkers.

Château de Dieppe Die06 Dieppe Wn Die06
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19 March 2012

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