StP Douvres I Luftwaffe station "Distelfink" just behind the beach this StP was the main radar site covering Bay of the Seine was made operational in late September 1943. This radar instillation was placed here to watch for heavy bombers flying day & night entering and exiting German airspace around the Seine estuary.
2 x L409A.
1 x L410A.
1 x L479.
1 x L486.
3 x H622.
1 x Wasser.
5 x Ringstand's for 5cm KwK guns.
4 x Vf58c.
1 x L413.
2 x Vf/MG.
2 x V229.
1 x Pz.T tank turret.
1 x Pak stand.

Normandy StP Douvres I "Distelfink"
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13 June 2013

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