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  • Tour guide: - Normandy
  • D-Day Landings Eric Turnbull - https://www.ddaylandingtours.coms
  • Cycling The Normandy D-Day beaches http://ramblingfatman.co.uk/bikersclubtemplate1/blog-Normandy.php

    The British Side
    : -
  • The Build Up to D-Day
    Background on the logistic build-up - The invasion of Normany on 6 June 1944 has been written about time and time again. The heroism and technology that achieved so much has been well documented. However, an old military phrase that 'tactics is the art of the logistically possible' rings very true. Without the vast support of accomodation, food, equipment, ammunition, mapping, training, medical, fuel and the many other 'sinews of war' the operation could not have taken place, let alone been successful. This site hopes to provide pointers to some of that support.
    Chris Barrington Brown
  • RAF Servicing Commando Units, covers a lot about the RAF's none flying side.
  • The Royal Air Force on Omaha Beach, a very good site with reminiscence of RAF personnel on Omaha Beach on D-Day starting at 17:00hs on D-Day and after.
  • Wartime Airfields a website by Denis Sharp covering RAF Hunsdon, RAF Sawbridgeworth and the USAAF Bomber airfield at Matching Green, Essex, England. In association with the Hertfordshires Airfields Memorial Group.
  • Graham Buchan Innes: two very good books, British Airfield Buildings and also YouTube link to Airfields re visited.
  • Harry Melville Arbuthnot "Wings" Day GC, DSO, OBE was OC at RAF Netheravon but also fought in WW1 in the Royal Navy and WW2 in the RAF.
  • Wing Commander T G ´Jeff´ Jefferson DSO AFC AE. A very interesting chap and some good stories. Giving a picture of RAF life at the time of WW2.This website is dedicated to showing all manner of aviation related images. There will be photographs from operational military airfields, museums, airshows, disused airfields and from any other source with an aviation theme Richard Hall (e)
  • RAF Ibsley by Terry a flight sim look at several airfields in the New Forest area.
  • UK Airfields Richard Flagg's Facebook page (e)
  • UK Airfields Richard Flagg website (e)
  • Cobbaton Combat Collection A Hobby which got out of hand. An outstanding collection --- of just all sorts Military.
  • Airfield Research Group ARG Forum is the respected and highly regarded Internet forum dedicated to the exchange of airfield research information. There's also plenty of other military history and general discussion going on so why not come in for a chat? It's free to join the forum, but you need to be a paid up member of ARG to visit the member only areas of the site.
  • CONTROL TOWERS Robert Truman's excellent site. I have managed to link it via Wayback Machine as Robert has unfortunately stopped using it any more. (This is the original URL, http://www.controltowers.co.uk/Site Map.htm).
  • Salisbury Plain the village of Imber. Residents were evicted with just 47 days notice during World War II as a training grounds for American troops.
  • US Army Assault Training Center North Devon. We are a small not for profit group dedicated to educating and preserving history, relating to the use of the North Devon coastal area by the US army to rehearse for the liberation of Europe in 1944.
  • RAF Holmsley South ''Home was a Nissen Hut'' by Adge. A history of the communal sites 1947-1961.
  • Rougham Control Tower Museum (e) just east of Bury St Edmunds, in Suffolk.
  • Roberts Armory (e) USA Chuck Roberts.
    Museum, reenacting, restoration, R & D and much more.
  • WWW.FightingThroughPodcast.co.uk fighting through from Dunkirk to Hamburg.
  • Dartmouth in WW2 A very good website on the Dartmouth area.
  • Historic Aviation Military His website is dedicated to the discussion and research of Historic Aviation and other Military subjects. Also a lot about RAF Burtonwood.


  • WW1: -
  • Royal Flying Corps (e) The period between May 1912 and March 1918, coinciding with the short life of the Royal Flying Corps.
  • Kingston Aviation This Kingston Aviation Centenary Project website celebrates the achievements of the 30,000 or more individuals who designed and built aircraft for the Sopwith, Hawker, Hawker Siddeley and British Aerospace organizations based in Kingston upon Thames from 1912 to 1992.
  • Digital Archive Trench Maps, Western Front


  • Atlantikwall: -
  • Deutsches Atlantikwall-Archiv Harry Lippmann (g)
    This site gives the Google Earth co ordinates so that you can find out where all the sites are.
  • BOMBFUZE.NET - My Name is Stephen Venus. I am a collector of German Bomb fuzes and a historian specialising in bomb disposal history. Some of you may have seen my reviews (Fuzeman) on eBay - "A Layman's Guide to Fuzes" and "Fuzes and Their Uses", and recently, "How to spot fake Crabtree dischargers". I've supplied fuzes and advice to both the BBC and to Channel 4 television and I am currently advising several authors with their memoirs (e).
  • Www.atlantikwall.co.uk Facebook page Mine.
  • Les Amis du Suffolk Regiment (Site Hillman) Face book page (f)
  • MKB - BUNKERTOUR My great friends in Belgium's Facebook page.(fl)
  • Festung Boulogne by Ben Muller -The project Fortress Boulogne is intended for those interested in military history to be a reconstruction of the German Fortress Boulogne. The French town of Boulogne-sur-Mer with its harbour and surrounding area was in the Second World War a major element in the German coastal defence. It obtained as part of the defensive structure Atlantic Wall the military status of Fortress (Festung in German)- (some f - some e)
    Map of Boulogne North BM.
    Map of Boulogne South BM.
  • BATTLE OF SAINTE-MERE-EGLISE 1944 a very interesting story of the town in its liberation.
  • Le débarquement de 1944 à Omaha Beach This file brings together many documents relating to the landings on Omaha Beach, especially on the beaches of Vierville: sectors Charlie, Dog Green and Dog White, with 2 chapters devoted to Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer and Colleville-sur-Mer.
  • OMAHA BEACH MEMOIRES Telling the story of village life from 1940 to today. Its in French but its now ebay to use Google translate. (f)
  • The Royal Air Force at Omaha Beach - This website is dedicated to the 180 or so men of the RAF 1st Echelon of 21-BDS (Base Defence Sector) who landed at about 5.30pm on 6th June 1944 on Omaha Beach, Normandy.

  • WW2TV a very interesting TV channel Paul Woodadge, the creator of WW2TV spent 2 decades guiding visitors around the Normandy battlefields. Dedicated people and organisations around the globe have successfully been recording and archiving the testimonies of the WW2 veterans for years. Sadly, that era is now coming to a close. Now we need to think about recording the fields of combat before the inevitable march of time sees them lost to progress. WW2TV will preserve them on film. Throughout 2020 we have been live streaming from the battlefields of Europe with top historians and often on the exact anniversaries.
  • Books by Simon Forty on Amazon.
  • Books by Anthony Tucker-Jones 'The History Press'.
  • Omaha Beach Mémoirs (f) Lots of local histories.
  • Festung Lista Festung Lista was the name of all the fortifications and the airfield at Lista, during World War 2.
  • Brix / Sottevast / Manche after captured an army film unit visited the site.
  • Festung Saint-Malo Archives 21 photographic topics about bunkers and defences from the most complete Festung ( fortress ) built by Organisation Todt for German Occupation forces during World War II. Over 500 bunkers, shelters, gun bunkers, Tobruk's built from march 1942 to august 1944.
  • Der Atlantikwall-Frankreich.com (g) Marcus Engelbert
    These pages give a glimpse of what was built under German occupation of France coast to protect an empire that had conquered this region and they sought to protect concrete and steel.
    The myth of the invincible Atlantikwall but held only until Allied troops beginning with the invasion on June 06, 1944, the rebuttal competed and subdued in the Seine bay the Wall.

  • bunkerSite.com (e)
    Let us guide you along the Atlantikwall, Südwall, Westwall and other defensive lines in Europe and share our pictures, experiences and the obtained information with you.
  • germanbunkers.com This web site is to provide an entertaining and enjoyable place to visit. Those of you that are fascinated in World War Two especially the massive construction projects of the German Third Reich will find this web site very interesting.