StP Port-en-Bessin



StP Port-en-Bessin
Made up of four individual defences and they were attacked on the 7th June 1944 at around 15:00hrs. 47 Marine Commando were tasked with landing on D-Day at Gold Beach in the second wave and then force march to hill (Point 72) behind the port. And then advance north and take the port. This was an epic advance and then attack. Its a rather unknown story of the D-Day and needs more study.

I have laid out a list in two columns - the left is in the numbers they were named by the German Army - The second list is the way the Commandos attacked the port. It was a very complex battle and I show it in four parts.

I have taken the Commando information from 'From Omaha to the Sheldt' by John Forfar the 47 Commando's medical officer.



The order of the defences                                          The order of the attack by 47 Commando
StP55 Port-en-Bessin ---------------------- East
    Wn58 Port-en-Bessin sud ----------------- South
Wn56 Port-en-Bessin ----------------------- Port     Wn57 Port-en-Bessin ouest -------------- West
Wn57 Port-en-Bessin ouest -------------- West    StP55 Port-en-Bessin ---------------------- East
Wn58 Port-en-Bessin sud ----------------- South   Wn56 Port-en-Bessin ----------------------- Port


StP55 Port-en-Bessin - East


Wn56 Port-en-Bessin - Port


Wn57 Port-en-Bessin ouest - West